Practice Areas

Trust & Estate Litigation

Jordan Flournoy LLP takes an aggressive approach to lawsuits involving trusts and estates in order to give our clients the best chance of success. Our trial lawyers represent executors, trustees, beneficiaries, agents under powers of attorney, guardians, and other clients who have lawsuits involving the Texas Estates Code.

Types of fiduciary litigation cases we litigate:

  • Lawsuits involving:
    • will construction
    • will interpretation issues
    • trustees or executors
    • breaches of fiduciary duty
    • trust management or investment
    • retirement benefits beneficiary designations
    • life insurance beneficiary designations
    • claims of common law marriage after the death of a "spouse"
    • children born after the date of a probate
    • Contested probates

In Texas, probate, guardianship and trust practice areas of the law are very specialized and very few lawyers have the experience to litigate disputes involving estates - we have that experience. Our team of fiduciary litigation attorneys have the capabilities and personnel to handle any size lawsuit. In some cases, we are willing to take the case on a contingent fee basis. We also welcome the opportunity to joint-venture cases with other attorneys. We have the ability to handle cases nationwide.


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